MVT Solutions Certified products are technologies we know, trust, and thoroughly evaluated. Our fleet has relied on this program to reliably save millions of dollars annually and it can do the same for your company. The days of independently sorting through confusing and unreliable answers are over and so are the days of wasting fuel, money, and time.











Fuel Savings

All technologies are evaluated using the high tech proprietary fuel economy test methods with the advanced engineering methods adopted from racing. This testing is far superior to what the industry has used until now. MVTS methods are precise, scientific, and reliable. Carriers know test values may be different to real world fleet savings, and our sciences compensate for that using our real world analysis prediction program. Contact us to learn more about getting customized answers for your unique fleet.

Installation, Maintenance, Operations

We often evaluate a technology’s requirements for installation, maintenance, and operations. Look for this information on the certification report and get unbiased answered without doing the work yourself.

Request a Certification

Interested in a technology? Let us know and we’ll contact the supplier.

Suppliers, when you want to certify your technology contact us or visit our Supplier page for more info.