product-imageV-Flaps by Mudguard Technologies


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MVT Solutions CertifiedTM testing found 24″ V-Flaps saved 1.01 gal/1000 miles (0.93%) over solid mud flaps on a Class-8 tractor trailer. Aerodynamic mud flaps are proving to be an excellent fuel-saving product in the trucking industry with a fast return-on-investment. Any fleet interested in fuel savings should strongly consider their use.

Additional advantages of aerodynamic mud flaps are their minimal negative impact on operations or drivers. Many aerodynamic technologies have a trade-off in these areas, however, aerodynamic mud flaps ‘fly under the radar’. The biggest challenge with aerodynamic mud flaps is overcoming skepticism with the fleet’s decision-makers regarding their value. To overcome this, fleets can contact MVTS directly.


Results for Any Carrier

Carriers can trust the test results are reliable for other tractor-trailer configurations, they are not specific to MVT’s fleet. During testing, vehicles were configured to represent the current industry-standard and did not include wheel covers or tractor wheel side fairings. Carriers can find directions on calculating their own fuel savings in the report, or can contact MVT Solutions with questions.

Independent Third Party Testing

MVT Solutions fuel economy testing is independent, 3rd party testing. We do not receive any payment from the sale of products tested. To learn more about the test, view the report above or contact us.