MVT Solutions was formed in 2016 as a partnership between Mesilla Valley Transportation (MVT) and InnoMetric MPG. MVT has relied on InnoMetric since 2012, when its high tech fuel economy testing methods were introduced to us. Over the years at MVT, we tried all available tests in an attempt to find fuel savings, but nothing compared to the gains we made using InnoMetric’s methods. Testing was also cost-effective and easy, which is why we tested over 100 technologies and adjustments in two years. After several years of working together, we decided to partner. Now, we want to help the entire trucking industry benefit from MVT Solutions, while simultaneously supporting the various groups involved with fuel efficiency.

Support from Start to Finish

We wanted to provide more than fuel economy testing, which is why we show fleets firsthand how they can improve through our Advanced Fuel Economy Improvement Program (AFEIP). It helps fleets every step of the way. By working with fleets, we provide knowledge and experience MVT has developed over time, as well as the science established by InnoMetric. It’s a potent combination that can apply MVT’s proven track record to any fleet.

Reliable Certifications

We also wanted to provide product certifications fleets could finally rely on. Every fleet gets burned by unreliable certifications, whether they invest in a bad product or steer away from a good one. Carriers lose money without reliable technology certification and we wanted to fix that.

Supporting Suppliers

Suppliers are a big part of saving fuel. These are real people investing everything they have to bring carriers savings. Supporting suppliers is a win-win scenario, which is why we help them make better products through development, and certify their technology. Combined, it provides the proof suppliers need to generate credibility and sales.

Supporting Organizations

Organizations that support and regulate fuel efficiency and emissions are also a key part of saving fuel. We team up with them to aid the industry as a whole. These organizations work hard, with limited resources, which is why we’re committed to helping them however we can. Our goal is to assist all carriers, including our own, constantly improve in the most efficient manner. You could say we’re in it for the long haul!