We support the initiatives of organizations that help the trucking industry. Our goal is the same as yours; to help the trucking industry overcome fuel economy barriers. As the most efficient fleet in trucking, we understand how to make gains and the steps involved. We created MVT Solutions to share that expertise, which includes working alongside dedicated support organizations.

What we provide

Certification of Fuel-Saving Technologies

Our industry will finally have technology certification it can rely on and trust. Being in the business ourselves, we know how difficult it has been to get reliable answers. That’s why our fleet–and nearly every other fleet –is self-reliant when it comes to finding improvements. We’ve fixed that by providing a much better certification process. Also, we certify technologies for fuel savings, installation, maintenance, and operations.

Committee/Panel Support

We contribute to committees, panel discussions, and conferences by providing experience, expertise, and science. We provide unique strengths that help organizations advance effectively.

Fuel Economy Testing

We have the best fuel economy testing methods in the trucking industry and help organizations get answers and understand technologies. We bring fuel economy testing into the 21st Century using proven racecar engineering methods and science. Getting answers and overcoming skepticism is no longer a barrier to companies we work with.

Science of Fuel Consumption: Teaching & Applying

We teach the eye-opening science of fuel economy, which leads to a much deeper understanding of how to make fuel-related savings and profits. This science has been completely overlooked and is a game-changer for fuel savings in trucking.

Online resources www.m-v-t-s.com

The home for MVT Solutions where we provide fuel-efficiency resources including Certified Technologies and other resources related to reducing operating costs.

Contact us to see how we can work together at improving our industry and planet.