Certification Carriers Trust for Purchase Decisions

Proving your fuel savings to carriers is the major challenge facing fuel saving products. Lacking this results in lost sales, skepticism, and association with ‘snake oil’ products. Similarly, carriers are searching for answers in certified products they can trust, which is why MVTS Certification is critical for fuel savings products.

MVTS Certified is trusted by carriers and provides real world answers on fuel savings that has proven to help them make purchase decisions quickly, easily, and confidently. This testing is developed from racecar engineering and is unlike anything ever used before in the trucking industry.

“…helps us when talking to fleets because they immediately recognize and trust Mesilla Valley as the industry expert on fuel economy. Instead of debating fuel savings, we get down to business.”

What You Get

  • Trusted proof of your technology’s fuel savings
  • Direct sales opportunities with MVTS carrier clients
  • Detailed report showing fuel savings, ROI, payback
  • Dedicated web page on MVTS website
  • Industry recognized fleet endorsement
  • Sales support for 12 months
  • Advertising rights with test results
  • Sales opportunity with MVT fleet (1425 trucks/5100 trailers)

Increase Sales

You may know your technology saves fuel, but carriers do not and that impacts your sales. You can tell carriers about your technology, but other technologies boast similar claims and yours can get lost in the mix. Our certification sets a technology apart by providing carriers answers they trust from a carrier they know and respect as the industry’s most efficient fleet. And we do much more.


We provide ongoing support for 12 months after certification through correspondence and meetings with your potential clients. We can also provide on site testing for carriers that want to measure savings on their own equipment. Our goal is to help you generate sales and for fleets to save fuel. We assist every step of the way so both sides are successful.

Our Difference

MVTS Certification is more than just the trust and recognition that comes with our name. We have the best fuel economy testing program in trucking. If you have experienced the old removable fuel tank test methods, you’ll be amazed at the difference with the high tech MVTS methods. Developed by Daryl Bear, a racecar and test engineer, these methods adopt the advanced technologies from IndyCar, NASCAR, and Formula 1 racing. This approach has found our fleet millions of dollars in fuel savings that went undetected by other test methods. We’ve used these methods exclusively since 2012 to make many purchase decisions. Your technology will be certified using the same methods and you’ll be amazed by what you learn and the response from buyers, even if they’re not currently familiar with the technology. Learn more about the MVTS Test Methods.

How we Certify

The crew

You provide the technology and we do the rest. It’s that easy. We use our own vehicles and test equipment. We set up the vehicles and conduct the test. You can be involved in whatever capacity you prefer. Most tests take 2-3 hours of driving time and we can do up to 8 tests per day if you require multiple configurations evaluated. We test on public roads or private tracks. We typically we use a track for certification testing.

What We Test

• Aerodynamic Products
• Tires & Wheels
• Lubricants & Additives
• Engines & Components
• Fuels & Additives
• Trucks & Specs
• Trailers & Specs

…and many more.


Fees vary based on requirements, and may be payable in product.

Contact us to discuss how we can prove the value of your technology and get you generating more sales.